Privacy Policy


Honeytree Investment Management values your trust and is committed to safeguarding the contact privacy and contact information of our clients and community.  This privacy policy is designed to help you understand what information we collect, as well as how we use and safeguard that information.

What information do we collect?  

  • For visitors to this website who wish to sign-up for our monthly letter, we only collect your email.  In addition software like Google Analytics is able to provide data on how people arrive at our site as well as how they found us.

  • For clients we collect information in our contract and  account application process, and through regular contact as part of our relationship. For private investors this information may include:

    • Name, address, email, phone

    • Social Insurance Number

    • Financial advisor/Accountant/Family Office information

    • Identification including for tax purposes

    • Beneficiary name(s)

    • Date of birth

    • Banking information

    • Know Your Client Information


How do we use your personal information?

When you sign-up for our monthly letter we track only the information provided to us including name and email and do not disclose this information to any third party other than the email provider.  When you apply to open an account with the company the information is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • Establishing your account

  • Administering your account

  • Executing your transactions

  • Communicating with you

  • Ensuring our records are accurate

  • Providing transaction confirmations

  • Providing financial statements

  • Issuing tax slips and proxy mailings

  • Contacting your advisor

  • Legal and regulatory requirements

We disclose your information to agents, vendors or other organizations only as set out in this Privacy Policy. Third parties provided with your personal information may include:

  • Your financial advisor/Accountant/Family Office

  • Third parties who provide services such as custodians and service providers

  • Financial Institutions and securities dealers when necessary to carry out your instructions, such as automatic deposits or withdrawals

  • Governments, government agencies, regulators or others for whom we are legally obliged to provide information

  • Entities to which we are legally obliged to provide information

How do we protect information?

We maintain physical, procedural and electronic controls appropriate to the sensitivity of your information, to protect it against risks such as loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, modification or destruction. These safeguards include secure networks and secure databases. We protect your personal information disclosed to third parties by ensuring that such parties have policies in place to protect the confidentiality of the information.

Consent and Access

When you agree to use our services or submit personal information to Honeytree Investment Management, you are consenting to our collection from, verification with, and communication to, any third party for the purposes described above. You also consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your information by Honeytree Investment Management’s agents and service providers for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information by contacting us in writing. If you withdraw consent, you may limit the services or products we are able to offer you.

Questions & Contact

You may access the personal information we hold about you at any time by advising us by email that you wish to do so. We may be unable to provide you with some information in certain circumstances, such as if the information also refers to other individuals, is subject to legal privilege, contains confidential information or is otherwise permitted or restricted by law. If we are unable to provide you with access to your personal information, we will give you an explanation. If you wish to advise us of any change in your personal information, or if you believe the information we have is inaccurate or incomplete, or any additional questions or concerns please email us at


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